Thursday, January 26, 2012

(5) Thursday

I love this. It is the honest truth about what I am going thru.  

Today I am fighting a cold/sore throat... but am questioning if it is bad enough to miss out on my spin class. I'm leaning towards... NO! My Dad used to tell me that working out and sweating was the best thing for a cold. I don't know if this was ever medically proven... but whenever I had a cold/sore throat he made sure I was at the gym 'sweating out the germs'.  Looking back, I never died! 

I talked to my gym coach and I think I know why my weight has not been dropping. I need to stick to my 1200 calories a day... instead of eating more on the days I workout. It makes sense. Todays menu is already counted out and ready to go. As long as I stick to it I should be good! 

Here are some motivational pics from a couple of years ago... I am not close to what I started at here... but knowing that I lost it then gives me the strength to lose it now!

(about 220 lbs)

(about 175 lbs)

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