Saturday, January 21, 2012

(4) Saturday... I got new toys!!!

Ok, so there is nothing more exciting then getting new toys to play with... at any age!


OMRON Fat Loss Monitor

This is the Omron Fat Loss Monitor. I got it for $39 at GNC. This might be something to replace my scale! My Spin teacher tested me about two weeks ago... my body fat was 34.7%. Today when I got home from the store it was 30.3%. I'm super excited. To make it official, I will do my stats tomorrow morning... body fat percentage and measurements. Its time to start tracking all this stuff! If the weight won't go down... then lets watch the inches drop!


Billy Blanks PT 24/7 DVD Set - As Seen On TV

I did really well with Tae Bo a couple of years ago... and even though I still have those workout DVD's still... I figured I would do better with a new one! I plan on adding this workout to my afternoons. 

So, I am excited to play with my new toys. Better get moving. Look for tomorrows post on my beginning stats... and 'before' pics. :)

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