Friday, February 3, 2012

Is this too grey?

My closet can tell you exactly where I am emotionally in my life.... and right now my closet says "BLAH"

Blacks, browns and greys consume my closet. There is a flash of red in one corner screaming to get out... but its being smothered. Like a fire being put out.

My usual style has been bright. Reds, oranges, greens and yellows. Rainbow socks, red flowers in my hair... where have I gone?

I know those colors are still in me.. because I will walk by a store and see something beautifully bright and go "oooooh" but keep walking. Yesterday I went to buy some clothes and what did I get? Khaki pants and a brown sweater. REALLY?

I like the outfit. The sweater is soft and comfy.. the pants fit. But where is my flash of lifesaving color?

Looking back , this has been happening for some months now. Since, well, since my old clothes (the bright ones) quit fitting. I think I have been subconsciously blocking the happiness of color from my closet until I lose this weight.

The funny thing is... I hit my 500 miles today at the gym. In 2.5 months I managed to run/bike/walk 500 miles and this was my prize...

Grey!! LOL

I can't really change a whole lot about my closet right now... but at least I can try and fight my subconscious a little more and when I see that bright red sweater in the window I will buy it!!

At least for now I know that I have a box full of beautiful colors ready for me to wear again... hopefully by spring. How perfect would that be?

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