Friday, January 6, 2012

(2) Friday

(Tae Kwon Do, 16 years old)

Martial arts was always my favorite past time. When I was 13 my dad signed me up for a Tae Kwon Do class. I was 75 lbs over weight and was about to make the transfer from a small private school to an over crowded public high school.  My dad was trying to do all he could to protect me, and by signing me up for the class I became SO much stronger then he will ever know. I dropped the 75 lbs over the summer before my freshman year.

I also became a competitor. I won first place metals for forms and sparring, and even challenged the men in my dojo to spar me. When they refused I went to another school where I was able to spar men and picked up some weaponry too. My fav was the staff.

(Staff form, 26 years old)

Once I was out of high school I quit martial arts. It didn't take long for it to call me back though!

I took a Jui Jitsu class and a Tang Soo Do class.

(sparring in Tang Soo Do 27 yrs old)

We moved across the country and once again I was looking for a way to keep in shape. I joined a boxing gym that trained some of the top UFC fighters. This was one of the best motivators. I trained with women that had actually gone to Thailand to train. I trained with men that were about to go into huge fights.

After a couple of months I was asked to step in the ring and help train one of the girls for a big fight coming up. I was 32... she was 23.  I won't lie. I got my head rattled a couple of times... but it brought me alive to be in the ring again. It felt good to be fighting. It felt good to feel my body respond fast and fearless.

(after the fight 32 years old)

Today I am not doing a martial art. But my mind has gone back to that training mode. I am loving my spin class and my strength class. I am feeling my body respond to the demands my mind is putting on it. I may not be ready to get back in the ring..... yet.... but I am on my way.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” 
 Oscar Wilde

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