Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Endurance.... and a little Faith.


I never thought, in my wildest dreams, I would be able to go rock wall climbing. I am so afraid of heights that I can't even stand on the top step of a step stool. I can't swing with the kids because I get light headed and woozy. The last time I went on a roller coaster I thought I was going to die. I  NEVER ... EVER ... get on a ferris wheel when we go to the carnivals. I am SCARED of heights.

My husband is too, but has somehow managed to over come it for his job. While we lived in Charlotte, NC he made some friends that invited him to go rock climbing with them. He fell in love with it. He tried to get me to go then... but it terrified me to even think about it.

For Christmas I gave him a conditioning book for climbing. The girls looked at it and got interested too. Turns out, there is a climbing gym 10 minutes from here. Today my husband had a day off and decided to take the girls rock wall climbing. Since I don't get to spend much time with him, I thought I would tag along just to take pictures of the girls.

Bailey was the first brave soul. She is as bad as I am... but she went half way up and I was SO proud of her. Amber kept saying she couldn't do it... but I would pick a rock somewhere and challenge her to touch it. She got every rock I picked for her.

After awhile I thought, if my girls can just see someone go all the way to the top... they would do it too!

Well, my husband was on the belay (the safety rope)  which meant I was the only other person left to do it. Somehow I got the courage up and got a harness and some shoes.

In all honesty, I made myself NOT think about what I was about to do and just focused on the task at hand. I hooked up to the safety rope and started climbing. I won't say that I totally rocked and made it to the very top the first try... cuz I didn't. It took me 3 tries before I hit the top ledge... but I HIT THE TOP LEDGE!!!

I have to say that I now understand why my husband fell in love with it... it was fun! Even the ride down, dangling from a single rope, I let a little giggle out.

I won't say I'm over the fear of heights... but I will say that I will no longer let it stop me from having fun with the girls!

OH... and did I mention that right after I hit the top ledge.. Amber did too!!  Bailey was still on the bottom half.. .but she kept at it for a long time after we all gave in from exhaustion. She wants to go back tomorrow.  :)

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  1. Years ago, our homeschool group went rock climbing once a week at a local facility. It was so much fun for the kids, that I finally tried it. I could not believe the strength it took! We haven't gone in a long time, and I wouldn't be comfortable doing it at this weight, but I may put it on my "Things to do when I'm not so heavy" list. :P