Thursday, December 29, 2011

(1) Thursday

My husband knows how much I love the beach. Some of our happiest family moments were at the beaches in North and South Carolina. Growing up my family would take vacations to the beaches down in Mexico.... and I loved it. The smell of coconuts, suntan lotion, salt water and umbrella drinks just takes me to heaven!

So... knowing I was struggling, my husband has given me something to look forward to. If I lose 20 lbs by March 1st he will buy 4 plane tickets to the island of my choice for our summer vacation this year!! This will be no easy feat... but it will be doable!!

Yesterday was painful. I ran 1.75 miles at a slow pace.... but I did it. Then I did a strength class that incorporated 10 miles on the spin bike. My legs have been shaking all day. I was standing in the kitchen and my right leg literally gave out on me for a second. So I know I gave it my all today.

Food has been awesome. I am eating lots of salads and veggies. My cravings for sweets are slowly disappearing. I went grocery shopping today and for a second contemplated buying a sugar free chocolate mousse pie... and then I turned around and walked away. I think there may have been a tear in the corner of my eye... but once I turned the corner I forgot all about it. *sniff*

Today I am doing another run before my spin class. I don't know if my legs are going to hold up..... but I will be looking forward to the indoor pool afterwards!!!

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  1. I am so glad to see that you are back to blogging. I gotta admit I have really dropped of in updating my blog. Even though you ran 1.75 miles a spin class is killer! As I say to myself when I really don't want to work out - keep on truckin' - you will feel better if you workout than if you sit around all day.

    Also - if you are gonna cheat at least cheat with the good stuff - not the sugar free stuff. the sugar free is loaded with chemicals and presertatives and junk that is sooo not good for you.

    I agree with your Angelia Jolie comment - I would love her body in tomb raider!!