Sunday, February 12, 2012


Does anyone else cry in fear at the thought of going to the doctor?

I had to go to the doctor this past week. I have not been feeling 'right' for some time now and finally gave in to my husbands pleas. I have to say that I have never had a terrible doctor. In fact, I loved my last doctor. He saved my life and my daughters life... twice. I tried to hate him when he gave me the news  that I would have to go down immediately to see an Oncologist.... but its hard to hate the man giving you the bad news when he is also in tears.

Anyway, the point is... its not a personal hate, its a general hate. Fear would be a better word.

So I found a new doc in this new town of ours. She was understanding of my tears and fears. She took her time with me and we talked about all of it. She said everything 'looked' good , but that blood work was needed. So I starved myself for 12 hours and got my blood drawn.

I won't know the results until Tuesday.  I am in a frozen state of anxiety now. Thankfully it is Sunday and I can surround myself with God.

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  1. I'm so sorry, girlfriend. I am not afraid of doctors, but then I've never had a cancer diagnosis. That would likely cure me of "liking" doctors.

    I'm praying you have peace until Tuesday, and then that the blood work is clear for anything nefarious. Maybe you are just low on iron, ya know? Keep your Jesus close, and know He is with you through it all. Big hugs.