Friday, February 24, 2012

A visit to the dietician...

Tomorrows battle is won during today's practice. - Samurai maxim

It is amazing what a trip to the dietician can do for you. I think of it like a tune up on a car. Change the oil every 3000 miles and your car is good to go. Go to the dietician every 3000 miles and you learn that you've been putting in the wrong kind of gas. 

I have to admit, I wasn't sure she was going to be a whole lot of help. After all, I've been doing the diet game for 4 years now. I know ALL the rules. I walked into her office and was immediately pointed toward the scale. *warning* This was at 1 p.m. AFTER lunch. I never weight myself in the day, knowing well that I am much heavier. So, with one eye closed I looked at the scale. 


Wow... way too close to 200 for me. This broke a wall down for me. I needed help. The dietician may be my last hope to keep me from leaving ONEderland. So I sat down, head bowed, and gave my confession. She wrote down the endless list of food that I had eaten yesterday. She listened as I explained that I had lost 70 lbs two years ago.... and was heart broken to see 30 lbs pack back on. I told her about my crazy workout schedule.... and how it hasn't helped. 

She asked me what I drink during the day. Crystal Light. I have always depended on it to help me get in my water for the day. (I hate the taste of plain water) Then she asked what I drank while I was working out. Crystal Light. She looked me in the eye and said... "Do you know how much artificial sweetener you are drinking every day??"

AH HA!! #1

Although it is calorie free... artificial sweetener still has an affect on your body. Apparently it can keep you from losing weight, but more importantly, it makes you crave more foods. It would also explain why my Triglycerides are sky high... even with me working out 5 days a week. 

So... first change will be... no, Crystal Light. Only water from here on out. I am allowed one cup of decaf coffee during the day with 2 packets of Stevia... but that is all. 

This change will be challenging. Especially with my hate for water... but so far I'm taking it one sip at a time. 

The next thing she said was "Your not getting enough protein" 

This was a surprise to me. I thought since I had a huge protein shake every morning that I was getting plenty of protein. Apparently ... not. 

AH HA! #2

Protein is the most important thing to eat... especially when working out as much as I am. Protein heals your muscles. Think of protein as the 'clean' gas. The one that is REALLY expensive and goes in REALLY nice cars!  That is protein. It keeps your engine burning clean!! 

So, I am to focus on eating a protein at every meal and snack. I have to say, this was going to be hard. But she gave me a lot of ideas. For a snack, I could drink a glass of soy milk!  Eat a palm full of almonds!

AH HA! #3

This came when we were talking about snacks. She said that most people associate an empty container as being 'done' eating. To keep me from eating more then 1 serving she suggested pre-sorting them into little one serving ziplock bags. This way when the bag is empty I know that I am done eating. No more!!

Serving size is one of my weaknesses. I now have my scale out to weigh my protein... and will be buying some new measuring cups at Pier 1 today to help me make sure I am being honest with my calories. 

I am also going to be keeping track of my food/calories on ... for you people with smart phones, they have an app for that! 

So, all in all, going to the dietician was eye opening. I have a lot of things I need to focus on and change. I started last night and woke up this morning ready to get my day started... with a glass of water. I am NOT going to step on the scale at all. In fact, it will be put in a box in the garage so I'm not even tempted.  I will weigh in again with the dietician in one month to see if my 1500 cal diet is working. The goal is to lose 5-8 lbs by then. 

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  1. How exciting! Sounds like a very worthwhile trip to the dietician. :)