Monday, April 16, 2012

Week 4 ....

I won't say that this week was a total loss... but I will say that my husband is a bad influence on me :)

This was his week off. I still juiced my breakfast, and for all those that have shown interest in it... it is totally worth it! But having a man in the house for lunch and dinner... well, I can't make a salad or grill up some veggies. Oh no, there has to be MEAT... and where there is meat, there are carbs. *sigh* So this week I stayed on track 1/3 of the time. Lunch and dinner was way more then it should have been.

Today, Hubby has headed back to work and I am detoxing once again. My cravings for bread and sugar are unbearable.. and yes, I have given in to them. Half a banana nut muffin and some small chocolate mints.

I am going back and forth in my head... "I'll start fresh tomorrow.... no, I should start NOW... but I've already ruined today, tomorrow I will be stronger.... I shouldn't wait or tomorrow will be harder" Yes, the battle in my head has gone on for hours now. When the weaker side was winning was when I ate the muffin and chocolates. When the stronger side was winning I managed to juice some delicious breakfast and a strawberry banana smoothie. Water has managed to completely disappear from my routine altogether.

I havent stepped on the scale, and I doubt I will,  for fear of seeing a gain. Tomorrow I am planning on taking a spin class in the morning to help burn the calories I've eaten today. :)

As for those that have asked what I am juicing:

Breakfast juice:

1 handful of parsley
1 handful of cilantro
1 cucumber
6 carrots
3 stalks of celery
1 apple
1 lemon


Afternoon snack (great for when your craving something sweet)

6 strawberries
1 frozen banana
1 juiced apple
1 tbsp chia seeds

(soak chia seeds in apple juice for 10 min. Then put everything into a blender and blend!)


  1. Not tomorrow. NOW. My husband sabotages me, too, so finally I sat him down and told him, "I really need your support on this." And told him why. Then he got on board.

    1. He really does support me... its me that allows myself to use him as an excuse. The last two weeks I made two different meals ... one for him (who is trying to gain weight) and the kids, and one for me. It worked great... and it wasn't all that inconvenient. This week, I think, was just me looking for a reason to stop.

      By the way... this afternoon has been spot on and I am drinking water as I write this :) Thanks for the support... and I am so happy for you and your hubby!!

  2. That tomorrow thing is dangerous. Every time we eat, it's an opportunity to make a healthy decision. Put premium fuel in your body to keep it running like a sports car.

  3. Oh my hubby is heck on my diet as well. He doesn't mean to be though. He is very active, works out often, has never been heavy, and eats like a horse. It's hard not to do the same.. but when I do I end up over 300 lbs!!

    I'm starting over this week too! Best of luck to you with week 4!

    Oh, and thanks for sharing what you are juicing. I'm gonna try it, soon.

    One more thing.. is your dog a Corgie?

    1. I hope you enjoy the juice!! I think its sooo good. :) And no, she is a 9 year old Chihuahua.

  4. Hope everything is back on track!
    Good luck for week 4 :)

  5. I hope you make your goals for week 4. I use my daughter's snacks as an excuse to eat badly. Then I insist they go back to her room. Sigh.

  6. Men - ruin - EVERYTHING!!! (haha - just joking. Sorta.)

    The meat thing, though. What is WITH them and meat? Seriously?

    No timer has run out, so just get back into your groove and carry on. I like what someone posted above, about every meal being a new starting point. We may have bad days, weekends, or weeks for the rest of our lives, but we have to know how and why to get back in our groove afterwards without getting discouraged. (Or letting men ruin things farther. ;) )

  7. I am trying to get the hang of juicing, so I appreciate the inspiration!!

  8. Ah, the men. Mine is trying to lose weight too, so that helps a lot I think.

    Starting "tomorrow" or just "later" used to be my mantra!

  9. Good luck this week! Juicing sounds interesting. I may have to give it a try!

    Maria @ The Fitnees Girl Kitchen

  10. Factoring in another person always makes staying on track difficult. I hope you've kicked those cravings to the curb by now and are able to refocus. Good luck!

  11. It really is an addiction, isn't it. I find there's no halfway with me. When I'm good, I'm good as gold. When I'm slipping, nothing can keep me upright. Good luck moving forward. Glad to hear the juicing is going so well.

  12. It takes a tremendous amount of strength to get healthy and fit. Just keep asking yourself: if not now, when??

  13. Ah yes - my man has never really had to work on his weight either, so trying to eat healthy with a man who wants red meat and junk all the time was hard. Over time, I have got him slowly trained to eat many of the same things I do... and I let him eat anything he wants on nights I'm working. :)

    Good luck with next week!