Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Get Out of YOUR HEAD!

I can over think EVERYTHING.

I can take something simple and turn it into Mt. Everest. Everything from a look, a word or a smile to an action, a plan or a trip. I can make it what its not. This is one of the reasons I have an ulcer. I make everything stressful.

I didn't used to. I don't think.

Lets see if I can not over think this post....

Yesterday morning I ran 2.48 miles around my house. It had just snowed... not a lot... but enough to make the air cold and wet. My breath came out in little puffs. It was early and I had just woken up. My husband was home and getting ready to do his own workout. So I stripped my warm pi's off and pulled on the workout clothes. Added my hat, ear muffs, gloves and music. I took my first shocking breath, shut the door behind me and started with a slow jog.  My knees were freezing cold.. but I kept going. My average speed ended up being 10:48/mile. When I walked in my house.... I felt good.

This morning I stripped off my pi's again and put on the workout clothes before the kids were up. This time I pushed 'PLAY' and did a chest and back workout P90X style. Push ups and pull ups galore.  At the end of the workout.. Tony says.. "Get out of your head" ...

Man, did that knock me straight. I am WAY over thinking this weight loss stuff. I stress over what I'm going to eat hours before its time. I plan my workouts by the week.

So, this week I am going to get out of my head! I am going to do a workout every day. I am going to eat clean and drink my water. But I am not going to FOCUS on it EVERY SECOND of my day. This is not going to own me anymore. I will enjoy my day and what God has in store for me.


  1. i know exactly what you mean. when i get toooo focused on it i dont enjoy a single second of it and i set myself up for failure.

  2. Yeah,. there has to be a balance to everything we do I think.. and it's easy to get "stuck" on weight loss mode :)

  3. I think your husband should be our guest speaker. Have him feel free to add comments as he deems fit. :)

    Good luck to you!!